Tips For Choosing And Maintaining Your Aluminum Fence

It's time to fence in your yard. Have you considered aluminum fencing? Aluminum is a durable, easy-to-maintain material that also makes an attractive barrier to your yard. Plan your fencing project with a few considerations in mind, and then care for your new fence to keep it beautiful.

Consider Your Needs

Why are you building a fence – to keep a pet in the yard, a child out of the pool or prying eyes away from your garden? The type of fence you need helps drive your fencing choice. For instance, if the goal is to keep the dog in the yard, you may need a high fence with medium-spaced rails. Privacy fences shield your garden from view. For pools, each community has its regulations for exactly how the fence must be constructed.

Research Local Codes

Speaking of community regulations, Better Homes and Gardens suggests talking to neighborhood associations before settling on a fence. Many communities have codes and covenants specifying fence height, color and material. Such covenants may even dictate how far the fence must be placed from the sidewalk.

Hire Contractors

First and foremost, don't be afraid to ask questions while you're interviewing contractors. Reputable companies welcome your quest for information. Likewise, as you're deciding on a company to hire, create a plan for subsequent communication. The fencing company should have no problem letting you know the cost and target finish time.

Prepare Your Yard

Once the codes and hiring are out of the way, it's time to prepare your property. There's not really any physical labor you need to do. However, call your local gas and electric company at least two days prior to the work date so they can mark the utility lines. This allows the contractors to dig safely. Likewise, ensure you know ahead of time where exactly your property lines are located.

Maintain Your New Fence

The beauty of aluminum fencing is that it requires little in the way of upkeep. Once a month or so, depending on the weather, get out the soap and water. Rub the fence down with a wet, soapy sponge and hose it down. At least once a season, inspect the fasteners or other moving parts to ensure they're functioning properly.

Cut Back Plants

Other than a bit of cleaning and inspection, the main consideration for maintaining your aluminum fence is making sure it doesn't tangle with your landscaping. Plants can grow up, around and even into your aluminum fencing, causing the fasteners or rails to become misshapen. To avoid that, keep the plant life trimmed back from the fence itself.

With a little pre-planning, an aluminum fence can integrate seamlessly into your yard. Once your fence is installed, maintenance is pretty pain-free. In short, it doesn't take much to get and keep an attractive aluminum fence.

For more information, contact Fence-It or a similar company.