Five Ways to Soften the Appearance of Your Iron Fencing Using Plants

Iron fencing is a beautiful long-term solution for finishing and securing your property. Unfortunately, it can also cause your property to look a little less warm and inviting. However, you can use plants to soften the appearance of your iron fence. Here, you will learn five different ways to use plants on and around your iron fence to create a more welcoming appearance around your home.

1. Plant Evergreen Shrubs

Many climates make it difficult to use plants to soften the appearance of the fencing, but evergreen shrubs can help during the cold months. Planting a few evergreen shrubs along the fence can take the eye away from the fence itself and provide another point of attraction.

2. Plant Some Vines

One plant that does very well in many areas of the country is the morning glory. This annual vine will quickly grow and wind its way around your fencing. The beautiful green leaves of the plant and the stunning buds will surely soften the look of your fencing during the spring and summer months.

Note: You may need to help the vines wrap around the fencing. Use a little bit of twine to help direct the vine where to grow and attach to the fence.

3. Grow a Flower Garden

Flower gardens work wonders in softening the appearance of your iron fence. With so many plant variations, you can create a floral masterpiece that borders the base of the fence. Choose plants of different heights to draw the eye to the plants rather than the fencing.

4. Hang Flower Baskets

Flower baskets hung from the higher areas of fencing can really create a dramatic look for the fencing. Use softer materials for the baskets, like wood or wicker, and fill them with overflowing flowers that drape toward the ground below.

5. Install Flower Boxes

Flower boxes can be hung at different heights on your iron fence. You can choose to install flower boxes the entire length of your fence or in small sections. Flower boxes come in a variety of styles. Some of these boxes are easily removed for the off-season and others are permanent fixtures on your fence.

These are just five of the many ways to use flowers and plants to soften the appearance of your iron fencing. Let your creativity flow and talk with your local fencing contractor to learn more fun ways to make your fencing appear welcoming and warm.