3 Ways To Safeguard Against Your Dog Escaping Your Fenced Yard

Fenced yards offer a great way for your dog to frolic and exercise. If you live near a busy road, you might worry about your dog getting out even if you have locked gates in place. Someone could always forget to close and latch the gate and your pet could then escape and become endangered.

There are a few ways you can increase the security of your fencing to minimize the chance of your dog escaping.

In-Ground Fencing

In-ground fencing involves burying a wire along your existing fence. Your dog will wear a collar that will vibrate if the dog comes too close to that wire. The system can double as a training tool as well as discouraging your dog from crossing that fence line.

Some in-ground fence systems also include alarms. One alarm can alert you if the wire has worn through or become cut. This interruption can make the system useless and allow your dog to escape. Another alarm can alert you if your dog ignores the vibrations and tries to shoot across the wire anyway.

Install Chain-Link Fencing and Rocks

If your dog has a history of digging under your wood fence to escape, you can secure the perimeter to prevent that practice. Start by installing short sections of chain-link fencing at the bottom of your wood fence. The lower edge of the chain link will block your dog's ability to get at the dirt under the fence.

You can bolster the fence line even further by using large decorative rocks in front of the chain link. Space the rocks out a little and vary the color and sizes for visual interest. But make sure the rocks are close enough together that your dog can't sneak between and heavy enough that your dog can't simply roll the rocks to the side.

Fence Extension

Do you have a lower fence that your big dog has cleared in a determined jump? Head to the local hardware store and ask about fence extenders. These inward-tilting panels are attached to the top of your fence to prevent man's best friend from clearing the top of your fence panels. Pay to have a professional fencing technician install the extension so you know it's properly secured.

If you're going through the expense of putting on extension panels, you need to also look at the setup of your lawn furniture. Don't put large chairs or tables right next to the fence where your dog can climb up and jump over both the fence and, potentially, the extender. For assistance, talk to a professional like Sarasota Fence Inc.