Which Fencing Material Makes The Best Privacy Fence?

Fences can serve many purposes. Sometimes all you need is a boundary marker, sometimes you need to keep animals in or out, and sometimes you need to provide a little privacy for yourself. Different fencing materials will work better for different purposes. Once you know what you need your fence for, you can choose a material that better works for you. For example, if you are looking for privacy, you can go with wood, chain link, or vinyl.


A wooden fence can make a good privacy fence, but you will need to make sure that you use the right kind of wood. You can find fence slats made from pine, birch, red cedar, white cedar, and pressurized lumber. If you plan to paint your fence, then any type of wooden slat will do as long as you properly maintain the paint. If you want a natural looking fence, then you should go with cedar because it will have the best natural erosion resistance. If your fence will come in contact with ground, then you should go with pressurized lumber, which will handle the exposure to the moisture in the ground better than other types of wood.  

Chain Link

Chain link fences are usually thought of more as boundary or security fences rather than privacy fences. While this is true of most chain link fences, you can turn it into a privacy fence by inserting wooden slats in between the fence's wire mesh. This will increase the cost of your fence but will give you the privacy that you are after. 

Vinyl Fences

Unlike wood or galvanized steel, vinyl can be extruded to create any shape you want. Thus, you can make a solid panel. Whereas wood or chain link will leave gaps that prying eyes can see through, a vinyl fence will present a solid wall to the world. While vinyl may not be as durable as metal or wood, if you are looking for privacy, then vinyl is a good way to go. 

Choosing a fence is all about knowing your materials. The choice between wood, chain link, or vinyl has more to do with your aesthetic tastes than the quality of the materials. While wood and metal are more durable than vinyl, they do not offer any more privacy than you can get with vinyl, and vinyl is reasonably durable. Use this information to choose the material that works the best with your design scheme. Contact a fencing company like Heartland Deck and Fence for more information.