Attractive Fencing For Your Horses

Keeping your horses safely housed is the best way to ensure their health and safety. There are many different kinds of horse fencing available that is both secure and attractive on your property. This guide explains a few of your horse fencing options that add to your property's beauty as well as keep your horses contained.

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl is a popular choice for horse fencing because it is both attractive and durable. Unlike wood fencing, vinyl does not deteriorate over time, and is not susceptible to wind or rain damage when it is properly installed. You can expect vinyl fencing to last upwards of 20 years with proper care and maintenance. The best way to maintain a vinyl fence is to replace pieces that have been damaged by your horses kicking or rubbing on it as soon as you notice chips or cracks. The most common vinyl fence color is white, but you can upgrade to other colors of vinyl if you want a unique style of fencing for your horses.

Cedar fencing

If you want a classic homestead style fence for your horses, cedar logs are a wise choice. Cedar is a long-lasting wood that maintains its color after years of sun and rain damage. Choose logs that don't have splits in their knots to allow your fencing to last for many years. If you choose to place a finish on your fence to protect it against sun or rain, make sure you choose a finish that will not harm your horses should they chew or rub on the wood. The same kind of finishes used for wooden toys should be safe to use on your horse fencing.

Braided fencing

Braided fencing is a great alternative to barbed wire fencing, and is extremely durable to use. Since it doesn't harm horses when they rub against it, many people choose this kind of reinforced wire over traditional barbed wire. The braided polyester material mixed with sturdy coated copper wire gives you a secure fencing that your horses should be unable to break when spaced between posts.

No matter what kind of fencing you choose, make sure you have a fence company install your horse fencing for you so you can ensure that all areas of your fence are secure and unlikely for your horses to break through. Whether you want attractive vinyl, traditional cedar, or even a more horse-friendly alternative to barbed wire, you can build a fence that is both attractive and long-lasting that will help keep your horses where they should be. To learn more about fencing, speak with someone like Rapasadi Fence.