Remove Bird Droppings And Spider Webs From Your Vinyl Fence

If birds and spiders have been taking up residence on your vinyl fence, unsightly droppings and webs way be on its surface. Learn how to clean your fence with the following steps and restore it back to its original condition. 

Use The Following Materials

  • mild detergent
  • handheld scrub brush (soft bristles)
  • water
  • bleach
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • rubber gloves
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • nylon stocking
  • scissors
  • paper towels
  • shiny wind chimes 
  • bird spikes
  • pesticide

Clean The Bird Droppings

Mix equal parts of mild detergent and water in a bucket. Use the cleaning solution and a scrub brush to remove the droppings. If the staining is severe, add a cup of bleach to the cleaning solution to make it stronger. Move the brush back and forth over the vinyl surface, but do not press down too hard because the brush can leave marks in the vinyl. After the stains have been eliminated. rinse the fence off well with a water hose.

To prevent birds from going on your fence in the future, hang up a set of shiny wind chimes near the fence and install bird spikes where the birds normally frequent. Bird spikes will make it difficult for the birds to land on the fence. The bird spikes can be added by peeling off the backing and pressing each one down on the top of the fence. 

Remove The Webs

Put on a pair of rubber gloves so that your hands do not come in contact with any spiders or webs. Cover the end of a long-handled scrub brush with a nylon stocking. Move the covered end of the scrub brush over the fence's surface. The webs will stick to the nylon. If any webs are in the corners of the fence or between the slats, use damp paper towels to assist with removing them.

Wipe the surface of the fence off with soapy water and a scrub brush and rinse it off with a water hose. Prevent spiders from going on the fence in the future by spraying a pesticide on its surface that is designed to eliminate them.

After your fence is restored to its original condition, keep it looking great by spraying it off with a water hose several times throughout the year. Remove surface stains with a soft bristle scrub brush. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning materials since they can discolor your fence. If you are unsure about the cleaning agents talk to a place like York Fence or your fence manufacturer.