What You Should Know About Wood Picket Fences

A traditional wood picket fence provides your home with a charming feel, but the appearance isn't the only benefit. Here are some other things to know about these types of fences to help you decide if this is the right option for you.

They Are Eco-Friendly

One of the first things you should know about wood picket fences is that they can be an eco-friendly option. With some of the other fencing materials, they might not be easy to reuse or recycle if there is damage to the fence and it needs to be re-done. However, wood fencing is biodegradable and easy to use for other projects around the house. Instead of throwing the wood away, it can be used to build a flower bed, hold compost, or used as firewood. This ensures you are not wasting any materials.

Wood is a Budget-Friendly Option

You can also save money by choosing a wood fence as opposed to other materials. Wood picket fences use less materials than full wood fences, and they cost considerably less than materials like stone or metal. Not only are the materials less, but the installation and labor costs are low since they are easy to install. You can save even more money by putting it up yourself, which is possible since this is a simple type of fence.

You Can Paint or Customize Them

Wood fencing materials are also great because they can be painted and customized if you ever change your mind about the look. You can repaint them at any time to improve their appearance or change the color. This is not something you can do with all fencing materials, such as vinyl. You can also get different patterns or textures painted onto the wood pickets of your fence, making them look like other materials.

They Need to be Maintained

There are also some drawbacks to choosing a wood picket fence. The main drawback is the fact that wood does need regular maintenance. Rain, humidity, and other forms of moisture can lead to rot of the wood. You not only need to inspect it regularly, but also keep the wood sealed. Sealing needs to be repeated, not just done one time. There is also a risk of the wood splintering, or of pests like termites invading the fence. If there is a storm, you might have broken pickets or posts that need to be replaced.

For more help choosing the right fence for your needs, talk with a local fence company for guidance.