Keeping Your Apartment Complex Secure With A Gated Entrance

Whether your apartment complex is an exclusive luxury space you want to restrict access to or you simply want to ensure the safety and security of your tenants, there are several ways you can keep the area secure and give your residents added peace of mind. Here are just a few options for creating a secure community using a gated entrance.

Key Card Entry Gates

Key card entry gates allow your residents to use a secure parking card to open the gate to your community. A wrought iron gate that swings open electronically is a great option for a luxury gated community. Your fence contractor can help you to choose a gate that coordinates with the fencing around your complex. If you prefer not to hand out key cards, you can opt for a keypad entry system that allows your residents to enter in a personal pin to gain entrance to the complex.

Security Checkpoints

While luxury high rise apartments might have a doorman who can verify the people coming and going into the building, a gated community can get the same results with a security checkpoint. This will require your contractor to build a small structure for your security personnel that includes a mechanism to open the gate electronically for your residents and guests. This person can monitor both the people coming and going through the gated entrance. He or she can also authorize guests, contractors and other approved visitors to enter the complex.

Pedestrian Gates

It's important to remember that not all of the people who live in your apartment complex will be driving in and out of the complex every day. If you have avid cyclists in the complex or if there are school-aged children, adding a pedestrian gate might be a good idea. You can opt for a keyed entry, or you can use a key card or pass code system for entry. Be sure to place a pedestrian gate on either side of your vehicle entrance to keep cyclists and pedestrians out of the way of cars entering your complex. This will help to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.

Gating your apartment complex can provide a great sense of safety and security. Work with your fence contractor, such as Morris Fence Co, to create a fencing system and secure gate that benefits all of your residents. Together you can find an option that adds style to your complex while providing an added layer of safety.