Benefits Of A Retractable Pool Fence

Retractable pool fences are an alternative type of pool fencing that are designed, like their name would suggest, to be opened and closed as needed. Because of this unique method of operation, retractable pool fences have a number of benefits when compared to more traditional forms of fencing. Understanding what a retractable pool fence has to offer can help you decide if a retractable pool fence is the right fit for your pool's needs.

Increased Safety

A retractable pool fence will provide a greater degree of safety and security to your pool. While you are using the pool, the fence can be taken away to allow easy access, but while you aren't, the fence can keep small children and pets from falling into the water. Additionally, it can prevent people from breaking into and using your pool while you're away or asleep, adding a greater degree of security to your yard.

Maintain the Aesthetic

Because it can be removed from the area around your pool, a retractable pool fence will not ruin the aesthetic around your pool as a traditional fence would. The only constantly visible part of the fence is the track that it runs along, which is built into the floor around your pool and is barely noticeable once the fence has been retracted. This means that you can maintain the appearance of your yard while entertaining guests or using the pool, while still enjoying the safety and security benefits the fence provides when you close the pool.

Inclement Weather Swimming 

Some models of retractable pool fences come with ceilings, creating an enclosure that will keep out rain and insulate you from bad weather. While these models cost more, since they use more material and are more complex to install, these types of retractable pool fences allow you to enjoy your pool no matter what the weather is like outside.

Reduced Pool Maintenance

In a similar vein, having a retractable pool fence that has a top layer can help reduce the overall amount of pool maintenance that you have to perform. The ceiling of the enclosure will keep leaves and other pieces of debris out of your pool, which means that you won't have to fish them out of the water before using your pool. Furthermore, less stress is placed on your pool's filter, which increases your lifespan and saves you money and time from replacing or cleaning it.

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