Considering A New Fence Around Your Home Or Property

A new fence around your home is not always about keeping people out. Sometimes it is just about making it look nice. There are a lot of reason to add a fence and a lot of different styles of fences to choose from. When you start looking at fences for your home or property, consider what the purpose of the fence is and what style you would like before you start shopping for materials or fence panels.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Fence?

The first thing you have to consider is what purpose your fence will before you can choose a style. If your goal is to look nice and you do not care if people can see through the fence, you might choose a wrought iron fence with its, twists and nice designs in it. But if you want to keep prying eyes out, a wooden privacy fence may be a better way to go. There are so many fence types available that the sky's the limit. There are a few other things that can affect what you pick, but purpose comes first.

Security Of Your Property

If you are choosing a fence to add security to your property, you might need something stronger than a wooden fence around the place. While more industrial in style, a chain link fence that is tall is a good place to start. It is hard to get over, and most people looking for an easy target will pass right by a home with a large fence because it is too hard to get in and out of unnoticed. And after all, The gut looking to rob your home does not want people to see him, especially if he is scaling your fence. Having a design that is open and tough, that wrought iron fence you were considering early can also be a good security fence. The material is hard to cut through, the bars or uprights can be placed as wide or as narrow as you like, and you can see through it pretty well.

Privacy and Noise reduction

If it is privacy you are after, a good wooden fence can offer that. The fence should be about six feet high, and the boards placed close together to discourage peek through it. If you really don't want anyone to see through the fence, you can add a second row of boards on your side as well as the ones on the neighbor's side, Stagger them so that any gap in the fence is hard to penetrate and very hard to see through. Paint it any color you want and enjoy your backyard without the prying eyes of others.

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