Achieve A Castle Feel Around Your Home

If you have always wanted to feel like royalty in your home, then you may want to begin with the landscaping and make your yard look as if it leads to a castle. Here are some of the things you can do around and in your yard to give it that castle look and feel.

Have a gray and white brick walkway put in: You can have a brick walkway put in your yard that goes all the way from the curb at the street to your front door. This walkway should be wider than a normal concrete walkway would be, because it is intended to be a recognizable part of your landscaping, while also offering functionality.

Have hedges put in along the brick walkway:  You should also have low, thick, well-manicured hedges put along both sides of the brick walkway, the hedges should follow most of the length of the walkway to the front door. It's important to make sure it stays properly trimmed and shaped at all times. If it gets out of hand, then it is going to take from the look you are trying to achieve because a proper castle would have near-perfect hedges.

Consider having a circular driveway put in: If possible, you should have a circular driveway put in to create that castle look. There should be flowers along the driveway and you may want to add a round flowerbed in the inside of the center part of the driveway.

Make sure you have a very thick and green, well-trimmed lawn: Even if you have to have the current lawn completely replaced, you need a thick and green one. You don't want to have any bare areas of dirt in the yard when you are trying to complete your castle-styled landscape.

Have statues put at the start of your brick walkway: Putting stone statues, such as lion or gargoyle statues will really help you to create that castle look you are going for. The statues should be large, but not so large they distract from everything else you have done to the yard.

Have your castle property protected by a decorative wrought iron fence: You'll want wrought iron fences that help to create the castle look and feel. Wrought iron fencing allows you to choose from decorative elements and features. You can also incorporate brick into the fencing, using brick towers at the corners, or even along the bottom. You can also choose ornamental caps that add to the look you want to achieve.