Are You Landscaping Your Home In A Unique Way?

When you consider how fast the year of 2018 went by, you're probably also considering the fact that spring and summer of 2019 will be here before you know it. Perhaps one of the things you want to accomplish in the new year is the addition of new landscaping that will give your house a unique look. If that's the case, from selecting a new fence to adding a hardscape to your landscape design, here are some ideas that might help you as you plan.

A New Fence - One of the things that will for sure add a unique look to your home landscaping is the addition of a fence. Besides adding beauty to your home, arranging for fence installation more than likely also means that you will enjoy greater safety and more privacy. Have you considered what kind of fence you want? If you have a Mediterranean or Mexican style house, think of selecting wrought iron for your fence and your gate. If you have a ranch style house, a rustic wooden fence might be your best bet. And, if your house is a very traditional one, a white picket fence would also be nice.

Consider combining materials for the construction of your fence. For example, if you select a rustic wooden fence, consider having construction rock as part of the design. If you selected wrought iron, brick would be a nice accent for that material. A white picket fence with contrasting brick would be a good combination.

A New Hardscape - Have you ever been to towns like Phoenix, Arizona or El Paso, Texas? If you have visited neighborhoods in either or both of those charming cities, you probably saw  front yards that included a hardscape in the landscape design. Perhaps you have decided that copying that look would add drama to your house. In addition, having a hardscape might help to lower your water bill. You'll probably have less work, too.

If you do decide to add a hardscape to your home, consider ways that will make it more interesting. For example, purchase large pots in different shapes and plant flowering plants in them when the season is right. Another idea is to add statuary to the hardscape. For example, if you love angels, consider having one large one as the focal point and then placing smaller angels and potted plants in strategic places near the larger angel.  

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