Tips for Getting Quotes From a Residential Fence Contractor

If you want a new fence on or around your property, then one of the first steps you will need to take is to get a few quotes. This sounds easy, and it really can be, but there is more to the process than you might assume. You should take the right steps to ensure you receive accurate, helpful quotes that can really help you choose the best fence. Here are some tips for getting quotes. 

1. Get quotes from at least three different companies.

You might be surprised how much variation there is between what various fence companies will charge their customers. This doesn't mean some companies are over-charging. They may just have more overhead or use more expensive materials, forcing them to charge more. To make sure you get a full picture of fence costs in your area, aim to get quotes from at least three different companies. If possible, try to choose one small, medium, and large company.

2. Be open to different material suggestions. 

Most homeowners begin the process with some idea of what kind of fence they want. And maybe, your assumptions are correct. However, fence companies tend to know more about the material options than the average homeowner. There may be a material that better meets your needs, but that you simply do not know about. So, if you get a quote back that calls for or recommends a different material than you were expecting, don't just set it to the side. Talk to the fence contractor that provided the quote, ask why they're recommending that material, and evaluate whether it may meet your needs better than the material you were expecting to use.

3. Be open to placing the fence in a slightly different spot.

You probably have a pretty good idea of where you want the fence to run. But when you have contractors coming out to give quotes, it's important to be open to suggestions they have about fence placement. For example, maybe they tell you that you can save $500 just by putting the fence on the other side of a tree. Or maybe, they'll suggest two separate fences for the front and back yards. You do not have to take these placement suggestions but keep in mind that they are coming from professionals. Their advice can sometimes save you a bundle.

With these tips, you can get more out of the fence replacement experience. After evaluating a few quotes, you should have a much better idea of not only how much your new fence will cost, but what it should be made from and where, exactly, it should be placed. Learn more by contacting a residential fence company.